The pharmaceutical flat-bottom line treatment for heart disease

I take drugs. I take drugs and fish oil to control hypertension and arrhythmia. I have a long history of heart disease on both sides of the family. If I continued my teen age love affair with fish fry and Stouffer’s macaroni and cheese® (and inordinate fear of doctors), I would have dropped dead a long time ago. Good thing an early change (for the better) in diet and a mid-twenties shift to moderate alcohol intake thwarted bad cholesterol’s evil plan to knock me off in the prime of life.

But it…

28.5 Hours of Painting

An Artist’s Guide for Pricing

Harry Heidelbergensis and His Three Sisters (Wives) 2021. Acrylic on paper and foam. Price: @$17 (2.5) + M + Element “X” = $55.25

My granddaughter paints. She is not an artist but she makes darn good art. She always finishes a piece she begins, usually before a half hour is up. She doesn’t care if you like her painting because she knows that you will. If she ever expected to get paid for her portrait of Grandpa, we would deem her a business savant or insane. She is neither. Just another wonderful child making art for joy and love. They’re everywhere.

Adult artists go to work, not to jobs or careers. They reside in economic limbo. For too…

“She’s Got a Pool and Everything!” 2021 (painted over 2012 work of the same title). Acrylic on canvas, 18 x 24"

I know that many of my paintings are ready for the landfill. If a friend thought there was a good one to be picked from the pile, I would cringe at the thought of it hanging on her wall. I feel the same about the majority of paintings I have sold or given away. I daydream about sneaking into houses and stealing them back. The older I get, the stronger the yearning for anonymity, with just a sprinkle of renown to pay for more paints.

I have a computer to help document the enormous archive of basement art. One day…

“Granddaddy Shark Doo, Doo, Doo, Doo, Doo, Doo Not Much” 2020. Acrylic on paper, 16 x 20"

I believe Covid-19 is portents from a higher power. Most natural powers are higher than human, but I suspect big mama Gaia is behind the pandemic. Humans were polluting and overfishing her watery parts, so she sent in the infected bats to mingle with those fishmongers pushing shark fins to bottom feeders. My 3-year-old granddaughter’s favorite video is “Baby Shark Dance” with 7.5 billion views (the highest on YouTube and coincidentally the approximate human population on planet earth). At $.05 per view, this cinematographic embarrassment has garnered $37,500,000 for its creators. Elementary graphics, and kid actors an adult might want…

If It Were Not for Dr. Aulus Saunders, Roy Lichtenstein Would Have Died Unknown and Unrich 2019. Acrylic on paper, 19 x 23"

Roy Lichtenstein taught industrial design at Oswego State Teachers College from 1957–1960, two years before his leap into fame. I researched and imaginatively painted his tenure at Oswego and had an exhibition at the college in 2019. These paintings are of other teachers in the Art Department — colleagues of Lichtenstein, and a couple of them just as ambitious in their prime. However, they stayed back. …

“CEO of Huntington-Ingalls, Mike Petters, Wants to Annihilate Income Tax (And All Life on Earth Too)” 2021. Acrylic on canvas board, 11 x 14”

CEO of Huntington-Ingalls, Mike Petters, Wants to Annihilate Income Tax (And All Life on Earth Too) 2021. Acrylic on canvas board, 11 x 14”

This is a touchy subject. I must be careful how I write else become a dot on the political spectrum. Where does “Clown Anarchist” fall anyway? Left or right? Few know that the origins of the terms “left” and “right” were born in the National Assembly during the French Revolution. Those who favored the monarchy sat to the right of the President (high clergy and nobles), while disgruntled lawyers and priests of the Ancien Régime sat…

Another Freeflow book hot off the press. This is the 23rd. There would be zero if I waited for authentication from the non-authors controlling the established industry of what’s allowed. Way back in the previous century, I decided that, in matters of creativity, no other human being has a right or power over me. I’ll either sink or swim across the Ohio if I’m going to figuratively escape the old guard of arrogant captors. The goal is to become free, not paid for. For an artist, success comes with release, not retention. Safety in signed contracts and popularity induce intellectual…

Anne Frank Your Pandemic

“If Sartre said ‘Hell is Other people’, Then I Am a Mouse, ‘Squeak Squeak’” 2018. Acrylic on canvas, 16 x 20"

From A Spring Without Mulch:

If you’re residing at the Northern 43rd parallel, or above, and the sun is shining, step outside onto some ground cover, grass if you have it, and stick your nose down close. Breathe deep. Inhale and exhale the spring. Hear the silence. Feel the flight of birds.Taste the sky. My advice to you now, with a virus army on the loose, is an Anne Frank journal to write down your thoughts about life and non-existentialism. Anne Frank and Sartre are gone and so is freewill if you desire to live naturally, as squirrels and conifers…

What is Syria?

“The Syrian Serin Thinks a Cruise Missile a Bit Much For Crowd Control” 2016. Acrylic on wood panel, 16 x 20"

Syria is a country located along the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea. It’s bordered by Turkey, Iraq, Jordan, Israel, and Lebanon. Historically the area was known as the Levant, a term coined from the Italian language meaning “rising”, as the sun rises in the east. 14th century Italian traders on the Mediterranean used it to define places of interest by Italian commerce. East of Venice was good business. Silk and spices didn’t grow on Italian trees.

Syria has a diverse population, a veritable crock pot of ethnicities and religions. Arabs comprise the largest ethnic group, and Sunni Islam is…

Lou Reed Decoherence 2019. Oil on canvas, 8 x 10" (Available at Upfront Gallery, Hamilton, NY)

From: Fish Are Very Capable of Destroying the World, Just Don’t Tell Them, OK?
(Second printing by Freeflow Publishing out in spring 2021)

A few years ago, at a restaurant I cooked at, Oswego Republicans hosted a fund-raiser for the Governor’s re-election campaign. The newly refurbished steak and seafood restaurant could now seat four hundred without difficulty. Hors d’oeuvres of baby quiches, stuffed mushrooms, and vegetable crudite trays. The town’s elite getting giggly from anticipation. Everyone was excited, myself included. I was setting up a booby trap for the governor. Back in my apartment during a string of several cool…

Ron Throop

I paint and write myself in and out of Afib from a cedar shake cottage by the shore of Lake Ontario. I seek nice people who think like I do, sometimes.

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